Who invented it? VDI and peiker on communication yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Association of German Engineers visits the Philipp Reis Museum in Friedrichsdorf to then talk to peiker about the historical development of communication systems. "Who invented it?" is the most frequently asked question and is at the same time a guarantee for progress.

What do the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and peiker have in common? Communication, because research and development require like-minded people to exchange ideas. Therefore, peiker Holding directly agreed to the request for a visit by Siegmund Wypich, head of the senior citizens' working group of VDI Frankfurt/Darmstadt.

The horse does not eat cucumber salad

Where a meeting is not possible, communication systems have been used since the 1860s. In Friedrichsdorf, the former home of physicist and inventor Philipp Reis, the history of the telephone is on display. This is where the VDI senior citizens' group starts its journey through time. At the time, Reis developed the first telephone to transmit information in real time by means of speech. With the help of electrical currents, he succeeded in transmitting individual tones at a distance. "The horse doesn't eat cucumber salad," the receiver understands when Reis demonstrates his device in 1861 and proves that his telephone works. At the same time, Antonio Meucci invents a telephone as well as Alexander Graham Bell. In 1876, he has the financial means to apply for a patent and is thus considered the official inventor of the telephone.

World first

peiker has also been developing communication systems for over 75 years. He is considered the inventor of one of the first microphone capsules and had his company headquarters in Friedrichsdorf for many years. With so many things in common with Philipp Reis, it is obvious for the working group of the VDI Frankfurt/Darmstadt to continue their excursion at peiker. Andreas Peiker welcomes them personally and then hands over to Dr. Christoph Schillo, CTO of peiker Holding and former head of advance development at PEIKER acustic. He gives an overview of the various products of the family-owned company, which are always created with technological communication in mind. The goal is to transmit data by connecting devices and systems. peiker applies for well over 100 patents, is ambitious and develops some world-first products. Everyone knows the slogan "Who invented it?" and peiker, together with major car manufacturers, also succeeds in winning this question more than once.

The digital generation

or well over two hours, Schillo lectures on the development of microphones, loudspeakers, and radio and hands-free devices. The engineers present come from various disciplines and are members of the open working group for seniors at the VDI, which has existed since 1856. With around 135,000 members, the non-profit association is a driving force for new technologies and technical solutions. The working group contributes with its experience even after retirement and meets regularly for excursions. When it comes to the outlook for the next five years at peiker, they interrupt their notes. A technical discussion quickly ensues among technical enthusiasts, which only comes to an end due to follow-up appointments.

Digitalization means organization, communication, the use of media, technology and networks as well as Internet of Things (IOT). At peiker, the 4th generation of the family is already involved in this. She takes over management tasks and, like her father and grandfather before her, applies for her first patents in this field. Development means communication, as the exchange between VDI and peiker has successfully shown, so that further meetings are planned.

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