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As a young, owner-managed company, we combine agile and flexible structures with tradition and decades of experience. We are passionately business-minded, think about the long term and practise an overarching strategy for our business fields. Our company develops future-oriented communication systems for the fields of sport and industry and professional tools for the air traffic and logistics sectors.

Moreover we invest in real estate and hold financial contributions.

The best way to explore new avenues is with others. Be part of a young team that believes in flat hierarchies, that never fails to think things through a little further and that will foster your ideas.

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Communication based on tradition.

Although we are a relatively new company, we can look back on more than 70 years of history. Having our roots in the company peiker acustic, what we do has always revolved around communication. For example, the first person to take a hot-air balloon to an altitude of more than 30,000 metres in 1957 was equipped with a peiker microphone in his helmet. 

From 1981, the driving force behind peiker acustic was Andreas Peiker. With many revolutionary products and awards under his belt, he sold the company in 2015 in order to focus solely on peiker Holding. This company is smaller and more flexible and is always on the lookout for new challenges. And that’s precisely what Andreas Peiker found, together with a strong team made up of companions of many years’ standing and new professionals.

Learn more about the 75 years of company history of the Peiker family >

As diverse as our projects are, what they all have in common is how they connect people and help them do the things they love.

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