Share the outdoor experience: the new CEECOACH PLUS for more users and greater range

Experience more together: peiker CEE makes this possible with its new communications system, CEECOACH PLUS. Make group sport a special experience with outdoor activities for up to 16 players. The CEECOACH PLUS keeps you connected in any situation through a secure network with a range of up to 700 metres thanks to CEE intercom technology. The CEECOACH PLUS uses active speech recognition – no more pressing buttons to speak. It also provides you with easy communication, an overview of the surroundings and the shared fun of sport. The CEECOACH PLUS makes it all possible.

Experience more together
The CEECOACH PLUS is perfect for any outdoor activity, whether you're skiing in the mountains, horse riding, or mountain biking. Now in its third generation, this proven communications device from peiker CEE now allows simultaneous, hands-free communication between up to 16 users. The CEECOACH PLUS also optimises team coordination and interaction – at a range of up to 700 metres. With its impressive speech and sound quality, wind noise reduction through active speech recognition, and up to 18 hours of battery life, the CEEOCOACH PLUS is the ideal team partner for any sports activity.

Face any situation head on
The CEECOACH PLUS One-Click-To-Connect system allows all users to connect with each other quickly by simply pressing two external buttons. At peiker CEE, security is our top priority: we've developed our CEE Intercom Technology to allow CEECOACH PLUS devices to use a private, encrypted network, no matter whether you're using Wi-Fi, a mobile network or a radio network. The CEECOACH PLUS has been given the ingress protection code IP67 and can be used in any weather conditions: rain, brief submersion in water, and very cold or hot temperatures will have no effect. The CEECOACH PLUS's casing is dust-tight and anti-shock for full protection if things get turbulent on the piste or the MTB trail. Getting a clear picture, being able to react ahead of time – the CEECOACH PLUS promotes shared experience as well as user safety, whether you're downhill biking, ski touring or participating in extreme sports.

Stay connected with free movement
Freedom of movement in sport was an important issue in the development of the new generation. You can wear it in a variety of ways depending on your sport and needs. The CEECOACH PLUS can be conveniently clipped to your clothing or belt. Because functional clothing is often designed with few pockets, the CEECOACH PLUS can also be strapped to the arm with a hook-and-loop armband or suspended by a lanyard around the neck.
Its diverse wearing options and included wired in-ear headsets offer full freedom. Choose between different Bluetooth headsets for wireless use. If one cyclist sprints far ahead of the pack, the Re-Connect function will re-establish a connection with all users as soon as the distance has been closed. If the next outing involves the same users, no pairing of devices is necessary. Bluetooth headsets that have been used together before will be reconnected automatically.

Share experiences in real time
peiker CEE in Bad Homburg, Germany, is a market leader in digital communications instruments for the horse industry. With the new CEECOACH PLUS, peiker CEE shifts its focus from training sessions to group experiences. "Experiences take on meaning when we share them with others – this is what we want to provide with our new CEECOACH PLUS. This year especially, we've seen that communication over distances must be made possible. In all areas, including sport", says Andreas Peiker, CEO of Peiker CEE. Maintaining a connection, even over distances, easy communication, making memories together and sharing them directly – experience more together with the CEECOACH PLUS.

Advantages at a glance:

•    Group communication – up to 16 users
•    Share joy – direct feedback
•    Connected to 700 metres – proactive approach for greater safety
•    Conference mode – all users can speak and be heard
•    New communications technology – without overlapping frequencies
•    For all-weather use – waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof
•    Wireless use with a Bluetooth® headset
•    Allows free movement – light and intuitive

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