We are glad you were there! The anniversary year is drawing to a close.

Our anniversary year 75 years of company history of the Peiker family is over. Today we would like to say thank you that so many of you were part of it! 

To begin with, we met virtually with some of our service providers and customers in the fall of 2021, published an anniversary edition of our company magazine peiker press at Christmas, and answered questions from the interested press in numerous interviews this spring.

Our celebration of "75 years of corporate history of the Peiker family" at the Hofgut Liederbach now crowned the end of the anniversary year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all employees, business partners and friends for attending. We found it very pleasant to meet again in person and to talk to each other away from the daily business routine.

We are proud of the 75-year company history of the Peiker family and yet we know that it is time to look ahead. There are new stories to be written, which we would like to celebrate with you again at our next anniversary.

Thank you for being part of our history, here's to seeing you again soon and continuing our successful cooperation.