peiker Holding GmbH takes over FTI Engineering Network GmbH

Effective January 1, 2018, peiker Holding GmbH acquired 100 percent of the shares of FTI Engineering Network GmbH. FTI is now strengthening the peiker group of companies in the aviation field. With the disposal of the Eckelmann AG shares, Philipp Eckelmann is retiring from management of FTI Engineering Network GmbH.

Founded in 2001, FTI Engineering Network GmbH, based in Wildau near Berlin, specializes in the development and production of video systems for aviation. The systems are used to monitor inside and outside the aircraft, during flight and on the ground. From the individual system components to the evaluation software, FTI offers its customers full turnkey solutions. As an approved design organization according to EASA.21J, the certification of aircraft modifications is an important part of the portfolio. FTI continues to be approved by the German Federal Aviation Authority LBA as a production company for aviation according to DE.21G. "We are very pleased to support the aviation development in the peiker Group. The associated cooperation with the company peiker AVIATRONIC, which specializes in acoustics and connectivity, enables a joint supplementary expansion of the portfolio," says Michael Weisel, Managing Director of FTI Engineering Network GmbH. In the future, FTI customers will benefit from a broader range of products and services. Within the technology division of peiker Holding, numerous synergies arise, for example, in the areas of product development and production. According to Weisel, the proximity to peiker AVIATRONIC GmbH and pei tel Communications GmbH is also a great advantage.

The decision to enter into a long-term partnership with FTI shows the strategic orientation of peiker Holding. "We have recognized that the aviation industry has great potential and we would like to be even better equipped to meet the challenges of this promising sector in the future," explains Andreas Peiker, Managing Partner of peiker Holding GmbH.
Peiker Holding GmbH, headquartered in Bad Homburg, is the parent company of the peiker group of companies. In order to use synergy effects between the individual companies effectively, the parent company is responsible for the organization and conception of the overarching corporate strategy.