Nele Neuhaus talks to HR about the horse paradise Hessen

Hesse firmly in the saddle – What is the horse paradise Hesse? The reporter, Christiane Rau swings the hooves and goes on a journey through the entire state, because about 60,000 horses live in Hesse and quite a few people also live off them. Christiane Rau doesn’t understand what’s so super exciting about the Zossen. With the necessary distance, she is therefore just the right person for the mission “Fascination Horse”.

In order to get a picture, she visits breeders, dressage riders, a horse clinic and some pony farms as well as equestrian hotels. She talked about her personal fascination with Nele Neuhaus, a writer known for her Taunus crime novels. How she came to riding and of course, what she uses her experiences, not only to write crime novels for adults but also horse books for young girls.

The travel experiences of reporter, Christiane Rau, what she learns about Nele Neuhaus and her enthusiasm for horses, as well as her personal conclusion on the subject of horse-crazy Hesse – all this can be seen in the Hessenschau from 09.-13.08.2021 on hr television during a summer series. 

Reading tip: Nele Neuhaus, An Unpopular Woman, is set not only in well-known places from the Taunus, but also with us at the Liederbach farm estate