Isabell Werth -
World champion again

Isabell Werth became world champion during the world equestrian championship in Tryon (USA) once again. Congratulations!

The 49-year-old claimed her ninth World Cup gold medal with her horse Bella Rose. With almost five percent advantage she took the lead and left behind Laura Graves (USA), Charlotte Dujardin (UK) and Sönke Rothenberger (GER).

Additionally, Isabell Werth showed her best performance one day before, when she received the title for the World Champion team competition finals. After four years of tournament abstinence from Bella Rose, Isabell Werth reclaimed her title, flawless.

Werth made use of Belissimos’ strengths in Tryon to combine piaffes, half-passes and passages perfectly during the M-dressage finals. With her competitive combination, Isabell obtained dressage grade 10.0 by the jury. The audience applauded in standing ovations for the award ceremony and her 9th world championship appellation. peiker CEE would like to complement Isabell Werth to this exceptional achievement as well as thank her for being such a great supporter for CEECOACH.