Summit of security - peiker microphone on the Petersberg

The Petersberg near Königswinter was the "guest room" of the Federal Republic of Germany for decades. Next to today's luxury hotel, the former guardhouse is the scene of history. The visitor center located inside shows the moving history of the site and its building complexes in an exhibition. Part of the security equipment, which included the peiker TM 168 gooseneck microphone, can be seen in the former guardhouse.

The Petersberg in the Siebengebirge had a geographically exposed position, which is why after the Second World War the Allies declared the hotel, which until then had served as a recreation area, to be their headquarters. From the 1950s, the Federal Republic of Germany accommodated its state guests here and finally converted the building into a guesthouse itself in the 1980s.

The guardhouse within sight was the security headquarters of the hotel and the grounds. An extensive exhibition shows some of the technical equipment that has been preserved, such as bulletproof glass panels, a monitor wall and the heavy access door.

The multimedia and barrier-free exhibition is a nice destination for a hike on Petersberg.

More information about the visitor center on Petersberg can be found here -> Link