Interview between generations - active and HESSENMETALL about 75 years of Peiker company history

The goal of a family business is to preserve the knowledge gained over the years and pass it on to the next generation. To improve knowledge, it is important to share and re-discuss it with the right circles.

"We are all about communication," says Andreas Peiker. This applies equally to the products of today's Peiker family companies, as well as to knowledge transfer.

Andreas Peiker communicates the knowledge he has gained over the years to the next generation, his daughter Carina Peiker, and has shared it for many years with the Association of Metal and Electrical Companies, Hessenmetall. Hessenmetall represents the interests and advises 650 member companies in the metal and electrical industry, the largest and most important industry in Hesse.

The complete generations interview of the business newspaper aktiv is available here -> Link