Digitization in the service of health: Main-Taunus- and Hochtaunuskreis rescue service launched with AVA

The Main-Taunus and Hochtaunus districts want to use a digital communication system to Hochtaunuskreis want to further develop their rescue service operations. As announced by the district councils Michael Cyriax (Main-Taunus) and Ulrich Krebs (Hochtaunus) explain, paramedics from the paramedics can connect to emergency physicians via videoconference and exchange data and exchange data with them. This should ensure the best possible diagnosis and patient care. The "Ambulance Video Assistant" was presented (AVA) was presented at the Eschborn emergency center in the Main-Taunus district and experts from the emergency services, the developer FTI and the Taunus-Sparkasse bank as a financial supporter.

The Ambulance Video Assistant (AVA) is cloud-based and was developed by FTI, which is part of the "Unternehmen der Familie Peiker" group of companies. "I am pleased that a Peiker product is being used regionally. With AVA, time and location-dependent boundaries are dissolved and new ways of collaboration are made possible," explains Andreas Peiker.

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