The course is set for the future - peiker gets new shareholders

The peiker group is an internationally oriented family business that stands for innovation and vision. After more than 40 years as a partner and managing director, Andreas Peiker, a passionate horse lover, is handing over the reins to new hands and setting the course for the future. His wife and four children are taking over the shares in the company with its 75-year history.

Andreas Peiker has clarified the future of the peiker Group and notarized the succession in November. The new partner is his wife, Susanne Peiker. An artist herself, she supports her husband, attends social events with him and gets involved in company events. Further shares go to the four children, Felix, Carina, Maximilian and Gloria Peiker. The pillars of the peiker Group continue to be asset management, real estate and industrial holdings. In the latter, Andreas Peiker will remain as Managing Director due to his excellent technical understanding and extensive market knowledge. In the other business areas, Andreas Peiker will move to the Advisory Board.

Organization of the company structure

The Peiker family remains true to its tradition as an approachable, medium-sized family business. Carina Peiker, who has been at her father's side in the management since summer 2021, is particularly present, supporting him and providing new impetus. peiker Holding also acts as the peiker Group's central shared service center for accounting, controlling, development, human resources, IT and marketing. This results in valuable synergies for the industry.

Growth through knowledge

The long-term goal is to be an umbrella for the existing and future companies of the Peiker family. The transformation into a medium-sized group of companies with corporate structures is important in order to give the next generation a head start. "It's nice to see how my children listen everywhere and actively acquire knowledge so that one of the family can also be in a position to make decisions later on," says Andreas Peiker. Growth comes from knowledge. Knowledge comes from experience and passing on knowledge from others. For Andreas Peiker, passing on his knowledge is a mission and his contribution to the continued existence of the company. His thanks also go to his employees. Many of them are accompanying a new transformation. It is their commitment and hard work that has always supported the inventive spirit and made it what it is today.