Take off with WLAN - peiker is pleased about the development at Lufthansa

The Lufthansa Group is bringing WLAN to its aircraft. For the Inflight Connectivity (IFC) solution, the airline uses the European Aviation Network (EAN), developed by Deutsche Telekom, Viasat and SkyFive. SkyFive is a development partner of FTI Engineering Network. SFCMG, a Peiker family company, congratulates in its function as shareholder on this success.

More than 150 aircraft will receive the European Aviation Network. This groundbreaking solution provides passengers with high-speed Internet during the flight, regardless of route or aircraft type. It supports streaming and other broadband applications. EAN is a unique example of Europe's technological and regulatory leadership. Reception is provided by a small, lightweight antenna that offers minimal air resistance. Kerosene consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced, making the solution sustainable.

The increasing digitalization of passenger care, flight operations and aircraft systems is placing ever greater demands on in-flight connectivity. A study by Viasat found that 81% of respondents consider high-quality Wi-Fi on board to be important. This illustrates the high relevance of high-quality broadband solutions for passengers and therefore for airlines. Peiker is proud to have made a significant contribution to the realization of the EAN as an investor and with a company of the Peiker family, FTI, as technology developer.

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